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Desc:We've seen him publish a book, move out of his parents house and now going to work
Tags:ulillillia, vacuums, tag suggestions welcome, vacuum cleaners
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Jack Dalton
This might be a situation where attention to detail gets someone fired.
I disagree. He's going to leave behind a house cleaner than a pension fund after corporate greed gets its hands on it.

It will only take him a month.

Spaceman Africa
A true internet success story.
He's really good-looking.
really good looking? I'd say he's slightly better than you'd expect from an internet shut in with a pathological fear of mirrors, but not 'really good looking'.

He's someone your mom calls hansom (that is not meant to be an insult). However he is not an unattractive man. He reminds me of the weird type of good looking that some ladies (and men) swoon over. Dorky good looking?

Also, is he serious about the hallway at the end? I can't tell.


Mister Yuck
This is making me feel strangely proud of him and also making me feel like I should call up my cousin tomorrow. I should definitely call my cousin though.

"really good looking? I'd say he's slightly better than you'd expect from an internet shut in with a pathological fear of mirrors, but not 'really good looking'."

He's sexy as fuck you pig. Why don't you post a pic so I can laugh at it? While I masturbate to it.

Boomer The Dog
Hair like Jim Morrison, there's one picture of Jim that I've seen that's close to his look here in the preview. I had never seen him before, he's handsome, but I might think that about anyone with long locks.


Stars for memedumpster.

Somewhere in the indeterminate future:

Ulillillia gets a hooker.

Syd Midnight
Boomer the Dog is surprisingly good looking.

Is cleaning mirrors part of this job?
Albuquerque Halsey
This makes me happy. It makes me happy to see someone who grew up "on the net" not become a self-important fuckup. He reminds me of Rick from Dave Sim's "Cerebus". A truly good, albeit naive person; without guile or malice.
Billy the Poet
Uli is going to pass me at life soon.
Once he figures out how money works, he's going to powerlevel the shit out of it until he makes the 1 percent look like some broke hobos.

Jet Bin Fever
HAHA! Oh god I hope so.

It depends. I don't think he'd do well in the stock market as it doesn't have a rigidly defined set of rules for getting a higher and higher return.

Well, unless you're already a billionaire, and I kind of doubt the sales of his book are doing that well.

I'm glad to see U-dog's life get better and better. He works hard and he deserves to succeed.
Good for him, I mean, I recently started a job that's roughly on the same bottom rung on a very short ladder, but a job's a job.

I'm just wondering if he's now going to upload a video of the exact X, Y, and Z coordinates of the highest possible point it is possible to vaccuum in BUBSY 3D... oops, I mean, in the hotel (?) he's working at.
Jet Bin Fever
Oh man. This clip makes me feel so good. Go get em Uli, you awesome bastard you!
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He's like anti-Chris Chan.
Absolutely! He's a force of good and general pleasantness. And even if all he eats are degreased Totino's pizzas, he's not exactly a drain on the system and never has been.

Unfortunately, they're just paying him by giving him a 0 off his rent each month.

He mentions that he can only work so many hours due to running into minimum wage issues.

Hopefully, they won't expect more than 13 hours worth of work a month.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
It's a start though.

That short pounce into the shot at the beginning.
good talk.

What a wonderful young lad.

Seeing his actual voice come out of his actual face is kind of breaking my mind, though. I always picture him as Bill Haverchuck from Freaks and Geeks.
Good for him,

He should totally kickstart Platform Masters though if he lacks money.

I am trying to introduce Uli to some work buddies, but really don't know where to begin, recommendations?
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