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Desc:10 minutes long, might make you angry
Category:Science & Technology, Pets & Animals
Tags:apple, dumb, iOS 7, Microsoft Word
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Comment count is 17
Boomer The Dog
It does anger, that monotonic robotic sounding voice has little natural cadence.

More importantly, I didn't know that Word could do graphics and symbols so well, that's new information for me. Some of it might be that I'm only on Word 2003. I have the disk and just keep using it.

Then you've made a good choice. You can still install Word on newer machines without having to sign up for Microsoft's bullshit paid subscription service.

I still kind of regret updating to 2003 from Word 97.

I didn't know Microsoft Word could do graphics like that either, but that's because I get all my productivity software from the same "store" otherwise known as my dead father's software CD wallet, and he only had Microsoft Office 2000 (despite being a computer-savvy guy who died in 2010).

I still have my word 97 disc from High School, and install it on every new computer I get, although I almost exclusively use open office now. It's buggy, but it's free.

Boomer The Dog
I'm still stuck on using Office Word '03, it installs like butter and fast, and really all I do with it is write letters for print, and make flyers with large fonts and clipart.

For graphics I use Corel Photoimpact, I make all of my Doggie photomorph art with it and website graphics.

My favorite Office is 2000, it has Rocky the Dog as an animated character, and I really like him, turn Clippy off! Rocky helped to get me through nights of writing.

I've used 97 too, but I think 2000 is when the interface started to look modern and smooth.

Here's a graphic I made with Rocky from Word 2k, as posted at the bottom of my site for a few years, good to see if you don't know Rocky.



A tutorial in disguise. I liked it.
It's not exact, but like Boomer I didn't know Word could do this, so I thought it was kind of neato.
Why on earth would this make anyone angry?

This is amazing. I had no idea Word could do half of this stuff.
And doing a lazy, half-assed job is pretty typical of Apple, so really, nothing angering here.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I can't understand a fucking word he's saying. It's like that one B&B episode where the teacher demands B&B to say something in Spanish and Butthead utters a bunch of nonsense followed by 'Rico Suave'.
Number one, this is just creating graphics. This is not creating the back end of the software.

Number two, nearly all quality imaging packages (Photoshop/Illustrator, and even Word) have pretty much the same ability to make rudimentary graphics using similar tools.

What's sad is that this has to be explained to otherwise intelligent people.
Booo. Boo, HarrietTubman. Booooo.

What's sad is how absolutely gawdawful programming nerds are at user interfaces. I wish they paid more attention to what Word can do. Proof that intelligence and wisdom are two vastly different stats.

Can't we go back to bitching about minor tweaks to Facebook?
Yes. Yes, you can program an operating system with Word lineart.
A graphics program creates graphics, gosh
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