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Desc:Parody at its finest
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:full house, Sitcoms, Supernatural, Sam & Dean, Winchesters
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Comment count is 13
Five alone for Jensen Ackles' catchphrase and Sitcom Faces.
Is this show any good? The only thing I know about it is it's about two brothers named Winchester, and the commonly accepted fandom terminology for Sam/Dean slash is "Wincest".
* Consistently well-written and acted monster-of-the-week show, despite being on The CW anushole.

* Strikes a commendable balance between drama and silly, self-aware humor.

* Great classic rock soundtrack (if you watch it on DVD instead of Netflix.)

* Still good even after Season Four, when they stop chasing mythological monsters and urban legends to deal with a war between God and Satan.

* Has attracted one of the worst fanbases I've ever seen in my life.

Yeah, there's the casual fans but the dedicated Supernatural superfans are crazy, from the people who've become totally obsessed with a fandom-only crossover called "SuperWholock" - the imagining that Supernatural, Dr. Who and BBC's Sherlock all take place in the same universe that seems to have started off as a one-off jokey idea about three of the most represented fandoms on places like Tumblr and has mutated into it's own insane and completely, colossally inane...thing...complete with slash fanfiction, to again, the people obsessed with the idea that the Winchester brothers are having an incestual relationship, to the idea that actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are both totally gay for each other in real life, but the Network is forcing them to live sham hetero lives complete with wives that are complete phony bitches who are in on the conspiracy - a lot of the crazy Supernatural fans have palpable seething HATE for the wives of the two leads and actor Mischa Collins - about as badly as a lot of them hate any female character that might, no matter how small the chance, become involved with one of the Winchester brothers on the show.

I tell you, PoE-Red would have had a field day with these nuts.

What is it with weeaboo fan girls obsessed with making all the male characters gay and detesting any female characters? Is there self esteem so low that they can't conceive even a stand-in for them having a chance with the guys, so they prefer another man to be the object of all the leading man's romantic gestures?

Try it out. It grows the beard at around episode 6, so try to stick with it at least that long. Just don't watch past Season 5: The creator left the show a-la Community, and the show pretty much went to shit. I try very hard not to remember that it's now in Season 9 or something.

William Topaz McGonagall
The supernatural fandom is insane


Don't miss out on followup posts in that subthread, which include Supernatural FUPA tatoos and links to a livejournal about Sam eating his own prolapsed anus

Xenagama Warrior Princess
To hit true insanity of the Supernatural fandom, just type in the word "destiel" in Tumblr's searchbar to unleash the beast from hell.

After last week, my dash exploded with Supernatural fans decrying how Dean slept with a woman (because, duh, he's straight) and that's totally not right you guyssssss.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
@William Topaz McGonigall

Man, that link is like Christmas in Hell. I miss the old POE Red.

Also NSFW, found the infamous meat-grinder picture on the website: http://mythagowood.live journal.com/16112.html

Not safe for life. Not safe for sanity. Not safe for anyone.

Quad's exegesis is enough to get me to watch a few episodes. I've been avoiding anything that seems to wreak of teeny horror tripe. Thanks for the tip.

Alright poe, you convinced me on Breaking Bad, so I guess this one's worth trying to push past my ex-girlfriend ptsd.
The God of Biscuits
Scrubs did it
Rodents of Unusual Size
I am still not going to watch this, but this was somewhat clever.
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