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Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:rape, turtle, moans of the dying, sex noises, croc
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Jet Bin Fever
Oh, thank god it's THAT kind of croc.
Jet Bin Fever
Also, I thought this was a dupe of http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=55986 but nope. Turtles really love rubbery sandals.

Crocs are the real dolls of the turtle world.

Also, the "I love being a turtle!" tag will link this to at least some of the surprising number of turtle-mounting-a-shoe videos on here (I think it even had a week a few years ago).

Thank goodness Crocs are ventilated, and washable.
So, I would have filmed the inside of the croc as well. I assume you guys would have too, right?
Titles should be safe for work.
do you work in a grade school

It's a legacy policy that the admins don't seem to be enforcing anymore apparently.

There are no admins and they don't enforce anything.


Where's your Support, now!?!

Adham Nu'man
This place is the Island from The Lord of The Flies, we're left to our own devices just waiting to implode...

Update for those who care: after the site actually broke, a new support, pms, reared his head. That if, if he actually has a head and is a Patrick Sanders who runs POE Hosting rather than being the mind of the now self-aware server.

Monkey Napoleon
Most adorable dry-hump ever?
There are so many sexually frustrated turtles in the world.

I think it might be a wet hump.

should be "moans of the living"
The Townleybomb
Turtles' brains are much smaller than ours, but they work in the same basic ways a lot of the time.
It slipped the sandal a roofie earlier in the evening?

Mister Yuck
Fived and favorited.
Xenagama Warrior Princess
There's a video that has been floating around on Tumblr of a tortoise and people just gawking at it's penis (not hemipenes like most other reptiles) before it cums on the porch deck.

What I am getting at is that's a video that I want to erase from my memory, and a tortoise's penis is the most Lovecraftian looking organ you have ever seen.
Adham Nu'man
Link or GTFO

"I like turtles" said no croc, ever.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Needs "shoe fetish" tag.
This appears to be taking place in the Teletubbies village
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