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Desc:Vadim Skornyakov shows that not all bodybuilders are always terrifying
Category:Sports, Fashion
Tags:dance, bodybuilder, Vadim Skornyakov, Flouncing
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Comment count is 10
The whole thing is worth watching, but the best bit starts around 1:27.
given the times, i consider masturbating to russian dudes a civic duty.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Grade A Slavic beefcake. Comrade's got moves.
Sexy and with a sense of humor and fun. I like him. He must be fun to hang with.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Bodybuilders are so terrifying you had to search through hundreds just to find the right one to submit. Thank you for your patience, comrade!
Honestly: It's the only one that popped up on Facebook. Laughing Squid did all the heavy lifting. Well, Laughing Squid and this dude, because this dude did a lot of heavy lifting to get to where he is today: Prancing merrily and unknowingly amusing the internet.

Bodybuilders are so terrifying I have to search through hundreds, every day, just because THAT'S HOW I LIKE THEM.

Can't stand taking to them or interacting with them for any period of time,but my boner doesn't know that.

Dread Pirate Roberts
I kept thinking this guy looks like Mel Gibson... and it made a lot of sense.
I'd hit it...

Or, I'd let it hit me, more realistically.
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