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Desc:The car is named Chase.
Category:General Station
Tags:Cars, TLC, carjacking, objectum sexual, autoeroticism
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Comment count is 21
4:30 for the money shot but probably worth watching all of it.
alternate soundtrack for additional lulz: http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=51085
Duppity dupe dupe dupe.

Jet Bin Fever
This one actually adds a lot to the original.

Spaceman Africa
Not actually a dupe, but goddamnit this video beat me to the hopper.
How many times can they use that shot of him kissing the car?

Also, I can't stop imagining him singing AND I CANT FIGHT THIS FEELING ANY MORE as he pushes himself into the car.
Come on man, it's okay to say "fucking".
This is the most understanding father I have ever seen.
Gonna guess that Dad has always been aware that his son is completely insane.

Also I am highly suspicious of anything TLC does. Everything seems so staged and fake. It's entirely possible that dad and son got together and planned out the scene ahead of time with the producers.

There, we let one of the car sex videos onto the front page. Can we all stop flooding the hopper with them now?
This broke my brain. I can't even begin to imagine how to react to this.

Also: The other vid has a CARJACKING tag and oh my god
"well he's my son...so..."
"so" what? "So" now you have to plan his disappearance?
Jet Bin Fever
Two tag suggestions: CARJACKING and objectum sexual
Jet Bin Fever
objectophilia works though. I should probably edit the one with the woman who makes out with the amusement park ride to be that instead so they are linked.

"Oh my god... you're... CAR FUCKERS!"
il fiore bel
It bears repeating, but

Car sex: you're doing it wrong.

A boy car? Why is it a boy car?

That's just weird!
"PSYCHE!! I'm just kidding, Dad, I'm actually gay."

"Oh thank god."
the tag you're looking for is "autoeroticism"
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