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Desc:Criminals beware Superman's crimson boot of justice!
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:Superman, balls of steel, nutshot, Freddie Wong, klingon knife
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Comment count is 8
C'mon, Supes. If you're going to put on sunglasses, you need to say a lame joke first.

( _)>⌐■-■
" what a burn."
Or around the same time, anyway.

That was worth at least 3 points. Sunglasses. Ye-aahhh!

I'm still confused as to why the killer has a Klingon knife, unless that's either an in-joke or a commentary on what Freddie Wong & Co have lying around for props.
Troll patrol.
Monkey Napoleon
Geico ad alert.
This doesn't work because there is no level of superdickery when Superman punishes someone actually guilty of a heinous crime.
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