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Desc:By wearing a McDonald's bag on your head, duh. (Submitted just for the bag.)
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:mcdonalds, paranoid schizophrenia, Gang stalking, Gangstalking, not sure if troll
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Comment count is 9
sasazuka - 2013-11-03
This guy definitely falls under the category of "not sure if troll or not" as he almost seems to be goading marginalized and mentally-fragile people into carrying weapons, including guns, to use on mailmen, UPS delivery men, sewer workers, or anyone wearing a Bluetooth they suspect might be stalking them.

That would also fall under the category of "bad ideas that won't end well if implemented as suggested".
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-11-03
Troll or not, that's a next step I've been expecting. The ones who don't go grab weapons and resort to violence, I think, are those that still have an inkling that this is all a mental disorder and/or they don't want to pop the cozy bubble of conspiracy they live in.

Myrmidon - 2013-11-03
Absolutely no way to tell if he's a troll or not. Five stars because the last few months of gangstalking videos that have been posted have me thinking there's a odds-on chance he's totally honest.
bac - 2013-11-03
He's a troll. In his first video similar to this one he says "...and all of them are wearing shorts" in reference to ups drivers.
sasazuka - 2013-11-03
Well, if he is a troll, I'm on board with encouraging schizophrenics to carry cameras everywhere, since their confrontation videos are so freaking hilarious, but, weapons... no, not a good idea, even as a joke. Paranoiac "Targeted Individual" types have very poor discernment skills and will take this video dead seriously.

bac - 2013-11-04
Oh, entirely in agreement there. I'm actually not sure how I feel about the whole mocking people with mental diseases to begin with actually.

That being said, maybe outright mockery might help some people realize how deluded they are. It's also really tough to not want to laugh at someone with such an inflated sense of self importance as gangstalkers.
I gotta keep reminding myself they have that because they're broken.
Man is it tough not to laugh at them though.

memedumpster - 2013-11-03
All the inflections in his voice are wrong. Too snarky, but not scared vicious snarky like the real deal. No avoidance of obvious truths with stammering moments. Also, he's telling schizophrenics to arm themselves, which makes him a pure shitbag mental illness troll.

He doesn't know much about his subject matter, and his acting isn't ready for television yet, he gets an A minus MINUS.
bac - 2013-11-04
That's the worst grade imaginable!

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-11-04
du du du du duuu I'm stalkin' it!
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