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Desc:Meet the animatronic nightmare that Bella and Edward spawned.
Tags:doll, animatronic, nightmare fuel, Twilight, kirsten bell
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Comment count is 12
Jet Bin Fever
That would've made it a bit more watchable... without Rifftrax I mean.
How are the Twilight Rifftrax? I've honestly been tempted to watch the series with it, but it's still actually watching Twilight, so.... yeah.

Jet Bin Fever
If you're curious, I think there is a best of video around here somewhere, probably under the rifftrax tag.

Just to show that practical FX aren't always the answer.

That said, it's a special type of horrifying that intentionally creepy films could only dream of doing on purpose.
Dinkin Flicka
You think it would have been *better* as CGI?

I think it couldn't have been much worse (this is assuming it wasn't supposed to be disturbing), unless it had been done in Garry's Mod.

My point is that bad effects are bad effects, no matter the source. Purism is for wankers.

Come to think of it, it seems odd that this movie would suddenly switch to such a complicated appliance. Wasn't CGI pretty much all the Twilight movies did? Keeping in mind I've only seen the trailers...

I'm pretty sure bella would not want that monstrosity shoved back into her vagina.

What were they trying to do, anyway?
If what I heard about the books was true, and assuming they didn't change anything for the film, the baby didn't come out of her vagina. IIRC, something goes wrong and Edward uses his fangs to do an emergency C-section on Bella, freeing robo-baby. To add even more sick and wrong to this scene, I think whoever the lead werewolf is "imprints" on the baby, meaning someday he's going to mate with it or something.

In conclusion, Stephanie Meyer needs therapy.

At what point did the makers figure a real baby would never work?
Where are you going to find a day old baby that looks like a toddler?

Not in this thing or the CGI version they went with, that's for damn sure.

Requesting the 'fake baby?' tag.
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