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Desc:Apparently NM Police have done it before
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Police, drugs, rape, police brutality, drug war
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Comment count is 7
"And the police officers will be answering to a law enforcement board. "

Oh, well that'll take care of everything, right?
Well, who came blame the officers? After that Heisenberg thing, you know they're not going to fuck around when it comes to drugs.
I predict the dog will be suspended with pay.
He could really use it to get some help for his evident fart-huffing problem.

Oscar Wildcat
What's always remarkable to me when I look into these cases is how little legal ground the defendant has to stand on. Consider the last case; the only real traction the guy had was the jurisdictional issue over the search warrant. Otherwise, everything done was legal. The first doctor refused to do it, but the grounds were ethical not legal. The cops established probable cause ( this is usually done by the officer stating "I smell marijuana" ) then ask to perform a search. If you don't let them, they arrest you, then get a warrant from the judge, then do whatever they like. That is what happened to the guy I posted. And it's all legal, even when they come up empty. The real fear for the defendant is that when they do come up empty, there is a tremendous pressure to change that by planting some evidence. We don't hear about those cases because then the defendant is guilty and why do we care about that? I think that happens a lot less though, now that it is legal to do all this stuff even when they don't find anything.

If you find that surprising, you need to talk to some attorneys. The guy I posted must have, and went to the ACLU rather than an ordinary attorney ( who'd tell him exactly what I am saying ).

This kind of thing happens all the time in America and it is not new. It really took off around the time of Reagan and his fabulous War On Drugs. Republicans ( and many Democrats ) were happy to strip Americans of most of the important constitutional protections, and so long as they let Pee Wee keep his cap guns everyone was just thrilled to death to let Johnny Law search the Hippies rectal cavities with a drug dog. Or confiscate his house, or car, or put him in the federal pen for 20 or 30 years.

A thousand words without a punchline? Must be the coffee...
"The doctors from the Gila Regional Medical Center have been turned over to the state licensing board. It's possible they could lose the ability to practice medicine."

Mexican drug cartels could use some doctors with no ethics, I bet. I think some Mexican drug lords need to kidnap them up some resources.
Oh man, a board review! That is some harsh fucking justice served, right there.
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