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Desc:Ironically, it apparently also causes mass murder along with all the record temps, storms, etc.
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:Abortion, christians, Climate Change, Kenneth Copeland, parade of idiots
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Comment count is 7
It's gone.
Probably trying to flag every David Barton video up there.
I voted this up because I found a resubmit that might be a little harder to just yank offline. I don't like TYT much, but they would probably raise more hell should they get their video deleted.

God's punishment for killing unborn children is murdering your living ones.

Got it. Thanks.
Makes sense. Those abortion machines run pretty rich.
Actually, this is true. God does punish the murder of innocent fetuses with the fiery heat of damnation. The only reason that things aren't even worse is that god punishes really weird fetish fornication with the bitter frost of depersonalization. Poetv's SFW Fetish collection alone is holding down the global average temperature by at least a degree.
David Barton has no academic credentials or training and his books have been eviscerated by legitimate scholars, but he tells conservative Americans what they want to hear (such as his thoroughly debunked book from last year wherein he claimed Thomas Jefferson was a devout christian), so to them he's such a respected expert that there is a movement to draft him to run for the US senate.

If he's considering the senate run, it's no surprise that he's expanding his expertise from fake history to fake climate science. Expect opinions with equally fake sourcing on tax policy, health care, foreign policy, race relations, religious freedom, gay rights, contraception and abortion in the coming months.
Wrong. Climate change is caused by everyone not sending me money.
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