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Desc:He was an mra all along
Category:News & Politics
Tags:feminism, joss whedon, mra, gender equality, still a wanking jerkface ( ^o^)
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Comment count is 7
So what was wrong with "sexist"?
We have to replace it with "genderist," because apparently there is no longer any discrimination against sex, only against gender. This is why transsexual men have it so easy in our society.

Only a cis deals in absolutes!
Take 'im.

Sudan no1
"He was an mra all along"

Dollhouse sounded like a neckbeard wank fantasy, so I'm not that surprised.
SPOILER: there's actually nothing even vaguely MRAesque in this video.

Sudan no1
A few MRAs claim to be for women's rights but just hate the term "feminism" and want to personally be in charge of the rebranding effort, like Joss here.

So he's like one of those dorks anyway.

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