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Category:Sports, None
Tags:wrestling, wwe, poop, america, john cena
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Comment count is 22
I really want to make fun of him here, but I just can't. Cena threw himself on a grenade for that poor diva, and that's really kind of him.

Also, I gotta say, I'm a little jealous. That chick would still totally bang him, despite his pants-crapping anecdote. Me? I tell a girl *half* that hot I shit my pants, and she never speaks to me again.
Have to admire a man who instinctively plays embarrassment-top-that in those sorts of situations. Respect.

Also, I appreciate your use of categories themilkshark.

Thanks! I think one of 'em nicely sums up the whole subject matter well.

That's the Bella twin Cena is dating. The other Bella twin is engaged to Daniel Bryan.

Is that kayfabe, or in real life? Because if that's real, man oh man, think of how awesome their family Thanksgivings are going to be!

He was at the courthouse in Dade City FL meeting with the resident state attorney a few weeks ago. Seemed like an alright guy.
One of my friends at Make-A-Wish Foundation says he is the most requested wish and grants them all, taking enormous amounts of time to do so.

God, that must take unearthly amounts of emotional fortitude.

Yeah Cena's Make-a-Wish work has defined his character in WWE and it's pretty impressive.

I am pretty sure real-life Hogan would have never taken a shit-my-pants bullet just to make a fellow wrestler feel better. This Cena guy sounds like the anti-Hogan.

Rise Above Shit!
You Can Smell Me

Turd Life

MacGyver Style Bomb
Literal WrestleCrap.
Somehow this show ended up being played on my television for hours while I cleaned around the house. It's the fakest thing since fake came to faketown. It's really just awful.
The Bella Twins are the worst thing to happen to wrestling ever. The fact that Cena and Bryan would date/marry them causes me to lose respect for them.
David Arquette? Katie Vick? No Limit Soldiers? Vince Russo??? Were you born yesterday?! At least the Bellas are sexy.

What's wrong with the Bella Twins? Honest curiosity here; I don't follow wrestling, so I really don't know much about them other than their names.

They're worse than the Gobbledygooker.

Obviously I'm exaggerating, but even just seeing them on Raw, I get the feeling they're horrible human beings. And their voices. Oh god, their voices. If they'd have shut up during AJ's "pipe bomb" promo, it could have been a really significant moment for her. But they ruined it with their shrill catterwauling, because they're horrible.
Oops, supposed to be a reply.

I share so many interests with you guys.


Jesus christ.


I lump that shit right in with ICP, car magazines, and facial tattoos.
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