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Desc:Come for the canine suicide attempt stay for the surreal aftermath.
Category:Classic Movies, Pets & Animals
Tags:dogs, silent film, suicide, Little Rascals, Our Gang
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Canine Suicide (Don't Do It)
Those creepy disembodied paws and wagging cow tongue really make that whole scene for me!

Pitbull tag?
Just added the "pitbull" tag but I guess there isn't enough room for it to be visible.

In reality, the dog did kill itself during the filming of this short, but accidentally. However the studio was able to keep it quiet and manage to keep a small pack of look-a-likes on hand.
We have a projector and I like to screen old silent films... Unfortunately I have a serious problem with the horrible MIDI piano soundtracks that blanket these things. For one thing, all kinds of music was played during silent movies by live bands, it wasn't necessarily a guy hammering away at a piano or organ by himself.

Sometimes you can put your own music on and it works, but sometimes it clearly changes the emotional content of what the movie is doing.

I wish some billionaire would hire a bunch of orchestras and bands to curate soundtracks for every old movie individually so that cinephiles wouldn't be submitted to this kind of torture. That would be a great service to humanity.
I think this one needs some GOBLIN

Caninus! Obviously.

There's an eccentric dude in Toronto who screens movies in his house, he's some kind of legend. He has done his own scores: http://reghartt.ca/cineforum/?p=9866

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