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Tags:sarah silverman, sitcom, failed pilot, susan 313
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Jet Bin Fever

Syd Midnight
Looks like the studio wasn't too cool with it and made her pull it down. And holy shit is this British chick annoying
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
How many shows has she had cancelled so far?
infinite zest
I feel like I'm the only person I know who doesn't really like Sarah Silverman's comedy that much. But five stars for Jash; I'm not really sure how rights to pilot episodes go if the show's not picked up. Like, if I walk into NBC (or most likely bribe the security people with cocaine) and drop off my pilot, is it instantly their property?

I'm a little extra curious because I'm writing a pilot for what I hope will evolve into TV show; if I put submitted it to Funny or Die and they accept it and people watch it, it makes sense that I couldn't try to pitch the same pilot to Jash. But this never even aired. I watched it about a month ago, and while June Diane Raphel is hilarious, the show was.. well.. something you'd expect to see on NBC.
Sarah Silverman isn't all that funny, but I would still give her dog a kidney because:

1) The Great Schlepp helped keep McCain / Palin out of office. I don't know that it was the "yopp" that kept our dust-speck from being boiled, but it helped.

2) Similar efforts this last election.

3) Let's face it, she's darn easy on the eyes.

She reminds me a lot of Janeane Garofalo: I really like her in concept, I really like the concept itself, but the execution doesn't live up.

I have yet to find a single humang being that truly found her funny. She is not.

what's wrong with you people

Sarah Silverman is one of the most fearless comics out there. While Louis CK is making jokes about farts and Patton Oswalt is joking about Star Wars (two comics I love), Silverman is making you look at your own racist, sexist, and privileged thoughts. Also, she does it in a really funny way.

That said, I didn't watch this and don't know if it's similar to her stand-up work.

Adham Nu'man
That's a nice rack and Sarah Silverman is occasionally funny but this video just a had a couple of pictures of the aforementioned rack and not a single joke, just an annoying british lady doing one of these grating youtube update things.

Whoah whoah whoah. You're complaining about a comedian using too many bodily function grossout jokes (Louie has made 2 fart jokes total as far as I remember) and then hold Sarah fucking Silverman up as a counter example???

Actual preference of many poetv regulars:

Community, Parks and Recreation, Key & Peele, Sarah Silverman, Christopher Titus, Zero Punctuation


PS I was one of the few who actually saw this episode, it definitely deserved a 5 for multifaceted evil. 3 for letting me bitch about recent submissions.
Jet Bin Fever
What are your preferences? I would like to make fun of you for liking things too.

You can totally make fun of me. I'm a weaboo and a video game nerd! I have submitted Dragon Ball Z and Mega Man related videos. Seriously, that Mega Man video should give you plenty of ammo. I know I may sound high and mighty when I make fun of bad comedy, but I like bullshit as much as anyone else here. I have a preference on whether or not Malice Mizer is better with Gackt. It hurts to even type that.

Rather than have me bitching in the thread of all those submissions I mentioned, I thought it was best to consolidate it into one thread... just in case someone else was sick of the same shit. Sorry for sounding like a prick.

Jet Bin Fever
So is Malice Mizer better with Gackt? I think they are. DISTORTED FACE

Definitely. It's hard not to admire the effort that goes into that flamboyant piano.

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