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Desc:A self-proclaimed Pick-Up artist offers a hypnosis seminar; hypno-fetish community just got creepier
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:mind control, hypnosis, hypnotism, Pick up artist, hypno fetish
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Sacha Cohen doesn't know when to quit.
The Mothership
Off the rack suit & medallion combo + rambling gibberish is how I need to approach my job from now on.
Grandmaster Funk
In the gibberish, he's clumsily trying to hypnotize the audience into learning something, or thinking they're learning something, or something.

I think PUA seminars are a way to hypnotize men into giving up their money and believe they'll somehow get sex out of it.

I dislike this because it doesn't also convince at least one of them that they're a chicken, since that's what all good hypnosis does.
By the way, I can never get multi-submit to work anymore, but this is one of at least 16 clips, all roughly 45 to 55 minutes long.


Marathon this like BREAKING BAD for the full hypno-PUA seminar experience!
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