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Desc:Whisper me to sleep, fancy man!
Tags:gay, fairy, ASMR
Submitted:wtf japan
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Comment count is 11
Oh honey.
And this right here is why I'm so confused about what the fuck ASMR is.
when i want ASMR I put on a Godzilla movie or Art Bell.

Syd Midnight
You know how 18th and 19th century writers would talk about swooning with pleasure or shivers of gratification or somesuch while listening to opera or eating an apple or reading a perfumed letter?

21st century people have become so deadened and numb that "delight" is now considered a rarely-vended fetish. We are all damned, every one of us, except for a few children and Stephen Fry.


I experienced all of those things while watching that whale explode in the video linked earlier this week.

Have faith in the zeitgeist, man. It'll be okay.

This here is why I'm in love with ASMR.
I have been completely avoiding the near-infinite varieties of freakishness in the ASMR community. I think it's going to be the gift that keeps giving.

poeTV comments are my number one ASMR trigger

People whispering in my ear has always freaked me out and made me extremely uncomfortable. If I can feel their breath I lose motor control and flinch in horror.
Too distracted by the wig. It's like ASMR Andy Warhol.
Syd Midnight
The part that really bothered me was when he tries to play a clarinet softly as if it were pan pipes. Clarinets don't work that way.
Jet Bin Fever
These are always long and terrible.
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