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Desc:A cave that was blasted out the side of Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica
Category:Nature & Places, Science & Technology
Tags:volcano, costa rica, caving, speleology, poetv original
Submitted:Adham Nu'man
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For future reference, you can actually edit your submissions while they're still in the hopper, just go to the voting page, take the number, and plug it into the end of this: http://www.poetv.com/editvideo.php?vid=
Adham Nu'man
Thanks a lot, I did not know that.

So which one was the sacrifice?

This is cool, and makes me rethink a bit my "absolutely no fucking cameras on my adventures fuck that" policy.
Adham Nu'man
To be honest, if you want to make an even half-decent video (I don't consider mine to be very good, yet) it's a pain in the ass. That square silver pole you can see in some of the First Person shots is a camera jib I had to carry the whole fucking way along with a tripod and more just to get a couple of the more decent shots. You need to stop, set everything up to take a 20 second shot, then pack everything back up. It's quite exhausting and then at the end it's hours of editing.

Because of the above, I'd say I film on average only 1 out of every 4 expeditions I'm involved in. After a trip with a camera it's nice to just roll with things and carry less weight and not have to harass people asking them to walk past specific spot X "cause it will look good".

You went all out, my footage would like Michael Bay got drunk and pissed off wild animals.

Watch out for snakes!
Do you play Max Payne 3 online, Adham? You should play with me if you do.
Adham Nu'man
Actually, I never play anything online, but I've been meaning to try Portal 2 and GTAV. I'm on PSN, what do you use?

Nuts! I use Xbox Live. I asked about Max Payne 3 because the Health song after Radian was supposedly composed for the game (in case you haven't played it). Multiplayer is the best thing about Max Payne 3, although you are still subjected to max's corny-ass babbling.

GTAV online is pretty fun, I'd recommend it.

Adham Nu'man
Yeah I LOVED the Health soundtrack (plus, somehow it doesn't detect copyright on youtube so I have no risk of having the video taken down for it, so I have used several of the tracks from Max Payne in this and other videos). I'd love to try online but random people you meet are gross.

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