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Desc:is there anything this guy doesn't know?
Category:Fashion, Educational
Tags:misogyny, archieluxury, Paul Pluta
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Comment count is 16
What kind of watch means they're DTF?
The Mothership
How to judge a man by the whiskies he's got on his shelf, if I may. Youse a chump son, Ardbeg 10 and Lagavulin 16 are bog standard Islay single malts available at Oddbins. You are impressing nobody, and if you want to have some luxury you need to be flossing Ardbeg Very Young Committee Reserve and Port Charlotte (any Port Charlotte will do, cause you can't afford it).

also this needs the misogyny tag.

fascinating analysis of the Omega Constellation, that's more complexity than I was expecting.

Also plenty of white chicks rock rolexes without being mafia princesses, it's an upper class thing.
I would go for a blanket misanthropy tag, but in this case, yes. There's not a single watch that says something good about the woman (other than "good in bed" but that always comes with a caveat.)

with, not for! bah!

Anything not-bourbon is swill, no matter how much you pay for it.

Oscar Wildcat
Grain alcohol and rainwater, if you must.

Preserve Our Essence. POE.

Jet Bin Fever
What a likable fellow! Just kidding, he's awful.
These kind of people are important and useful.

Whatever opinion they espouse, you can be certain the opposite i s correct.

they are like an inverted compass.

if it points south, you know that is north.

ps who can i pay to have him raped
homie that aint a flattering angle.

fuck im drunk.
Be sure to watch the video which inspired this one.


Archie's my new favorite MRA.
Wait, he did a video about how to judge men by what they wear/own, so now he's going to "turn the tables" on women by judging them by what they wear/own because "feminazis" allegedly judge men by what they wear/own, unlike Archie who does nothing but judge others by what they wear/own?

I used to think he was just fat, but now I'm wondering if his skin needs to be that large to contain the cognitive anti-matter explosions that must constantly be going on in there.
The "judging men" video he mentions was actually a bitter, sarcastic riposte aimed at some feminist bloggers who'd been posting tips on how to judge a man by his shoes. Feminist Youtubers reacted to that video much as you'd expect, leading to this.

Of course, Archie judges other men all the time based on what watch they own, but that's different, because watches are important, not like shoes, which are stupid.

Oscar Wildcat
The wetted down combover, the utter glee in his face as he realizes he just might have trolled well enough to get the ladies clicking on his clips. The actual advice which in fact is also a short history of archies love life thinly disguised. The desperate sweating. Yes, it's all here.
How to Judge a Single Woman by her Wrist Watch

If she has a watch, it means she probably doesn't use her phone to tell time.

She may also be wearing it for decorative reasons.

...That's about all you can infer, I guess.
Oscar Wildcat
Also: that her previous boyfriend was probably a guy quite like ArchieLuxury. So this is telling, yes.

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