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Desc:'I don't know how you were raised, but...'
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:Texas, black people, bad parenting, JUSTICE!
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Seed Matters
Comment count is 8
The New Meat
I don't know why these women are so shocked. He peed in a trashcan. Not like he peed on the floor. If anything, he showed admirable restraint in front of Judge Yeehaw Cornpone there.
Five for cornpone, a word so hick even I had to look it up.

Jet Bin Fever
That's my new favorite name.

The Mothership
I'd swear this was a dupe.
Aw hell, you're right. Take me to dupe court, I promise to enunciate carefully and go potty in the toilet like a big boy.

Not very good tags on this video; if you'd used anything like "court" or "pee" or "piss" it would have linked to the other video.

Maybe it was how I was raised.

you ig-nant.

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