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Desc:Steve Sutton's newest work. Features some really weird voice modulation.
Category:Science & Technology, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Aliens, steve sutton, protopod, amazing 3d
Submitted:Jet Bin Fever
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Comment count is 14
lol quite the production value for a steve sutton video
which isn't saying much.

Coming soon for the Atari Jaguar
Creepiest hug imaginable at the end.
That's better animation than most of the CGI vids we get around these parts. Are the apps for producing this stuff getting easier to use or does this guy actually have a slight touch of ability in lip syncing and walking animation?
infinite zest
What the fuck is this?
Jet Bin Fever
You should check out some of Steve Sutton's other stuff. He's a singularly weird guy who loves Sci-Fi. He has a really funny personality and seems really nice.
Jet Bin Fever
meant as reply to infinite.

He's a 40 something year old guy without a job because he "gave up looking for one" about 8 years ago. He now lives in a trailer with his mom and makes videos all day. Or he used to, I haven't kept up much since he was outed on Something Awful about 6 years ago.

Auto 5 for Steve.
The credits.
Dumb Lamer
I enjoyed it, but then again I was just watching Holidaze in my hotel's lounge, so anything is more enjoyable than endless sarcasm.
wtf japan
The dialogue and pacing in this are surprisingly good.
Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, I wish he would finish it.

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