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Desc:For all intents and purposes, I'm considering this another fun Disney villain song.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Fashion
Tags:Disney, smug, frozen, Idina Menzel
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Comment count is 12
It's one of the best parts of the movie, I'm surprised Disney put it up for free on the Internet while it's still in theatres, though, but I guess it's good advertising for the rest of the film, which is a very good film indeed.

I liked FROZEN better than WRECK-IT RALPH (which I also enjoyed), so I might have to hand in my sperg card for liking a movie without Sonic the Hedgehog more than I liked a movie that had Sonic the Hedgehog in it.
Pope Caius
That was cool.
Decent song. Alan Menken still could've done better, however. Maybe. Maybe Alan Menken is irrelevant to this age...
Alan Menken will never be irrelevant.

I was prepared to hate this film. We'll have to see.

Kid Fenris
Yeah, I like the melody, but the lyrics aren't that great. Disney still hasn't found another Howard Ashman.

infinite zest
Interesting. I saw that this was playing at a single-theatre near my house that usually plays indie films, so I thought they were showing the movie "Frozen" where they get trapped on the chairlift.
infinite zest
The song is kind of like if Miley Cyris' "Wreckingball" people took a step back. Five people wrote that song (Miley wasn't one of them) and they still couldn't pump out more than four-or-so chords. This is like, good Musical-quality music that works as a pop song as well. Disney really hasn't had one of those since Vanessa Williams and Luther Vandross teamed up in "Aladdin".
Yah know, I was avoiding "Wrecking Ball" but then I heard it in a dollar store and it really wasn't that bad a song. Still haven't seen the video, not planning on changing that.

infinite zest
Yeah. For a pop song it's tolerable. I was just using that as an example because if you listen to them back-to-back (not recommended) they're almost the same song. This one just has way more layers

The Mothership
blond blue eyed villains out of Disney, what next?
She seems kinda frigid.
Sanest Man Alive
This song is a metaphor for coming out of the closet, right?

...What? It's Disney.
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