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Desc:Old man torments his family at thanksgiving using a camera at the end of a long stick.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Old People, white people, camera on a stick, old people using new technology, tormenting your family
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infinite zest
I watch myself with a rig on a stick.
Binro the Heretic
And these are for you.

Jet Bin Fever
Haha. Nicely done.

Oscar Wildcat
Next scene, the funeral:

"I remember grandpa. He was a wealthy man, and we'd go to his house on thanksgiving. We'd all sit around uncomfortably while he prodded us with a stick. It was impossible to make any kind of human contact. I learned a lot from being around him".
Need the "on a stick" tag
Innocent Bystander
I don't know why I found this so delightful.
Jet Bin Fever
I'm guessing that's his daughter's butt that he keeps putting the camera on? Weird gramps, weird!
Also, this would be the perfect technology for a train ride in Japan.
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