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Desc:drink until your brain forgets this terrible cultural fad
Tags:Vodka, commercial, zombie, pandering
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Comment count is 10
Two things. One, zombies are awesome. Two, we went through vampires, we're into zombies, so you know what that means? Yes. Werewolves are next. Cherish the zombie fad while it lasts, because you'll look back on it fondly once the furfags have taken over.
Recently we went through wizards. vampires/werewolves and generalized mainstream conspiracy theory (i.e. Dan Brown stuff) so werewolves aren't probably the next thing.

We might go back to Angels again. Faeries have been out for a while two.. As have Aliens. Really, there's plenty of supernatural trends to be strip mined by pop culture.

The New Meat
These fads don't restrain themselves to supernatural monsters, though, and I'd say that the long, long, too-long standing zombie mania is unrelated to any of those previous supernatural fads which only targeted relatively narrow demographics. Wizards appealed to small kids, fairies appealed to teenage girls, and vampires appealed to middle-aged women who knit, go to ren faires, and own ferrets. The zombie thing is a nerd bait juggarnaut that swept up all the wheezy neckbeards who like things that are WIN or AWESOME, similar to the pirate and ninja memes of the early '00s. The only reason that those memes were (relatively, mercifully) short compared to this zombie slog is that they came before the Internet started spilling over into real life and the hacks of Hollywood and Madison Avenue realized that "fat wheezy neckbeard" was a viable marketing demographic.

If you want to know what the next big stupid meme will be, go to the shittiest webcomic you can think of and look at what LOL RANDOM thing the worst character screams in the last panel. My money is on DINOSAURS or VIKINGS.

Team Jacob didn't count as a Werewolf fad, any more than Sookie Stackhouse counted as a Fairy fad. It was all just vampire corollary. We're still due, mark my words.

Howabout gnomes?

infinite zest
I vote for mummies

Binro the Heretic
Giant rats.

I've seen the Supernatural Bowdlerization Algorithm, and only one of you is right.

Jet Bin Fever
I have a feeling we may go into washed out uninteresting versions of H.P. Lovecraft monsters soon, which would pretty much take the last remaining enjoyment of his stuff that I have away.

Old People
On the other hand, of all the things that could be trendy, maybe we nerds should be glad and grateful that for the last decade or so it's been stuff that is accessible to us?
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