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Desc:Repent, PoeTV!
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:gay, hell, Homosexuals, fundies, Xtians
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Comment count is 14
memedumpster - 2013-12-07
That wasn't a river of fire, that was a river of fabulous!
ashtar. - 2013-12-08
That river was flaming.

Oscar Wildcat - 2013-12-07
God chooses his words very carefully. "Lovers of their own flesh, rather than God's commandments" to me would mean narcissistic people.
Xenocide - 2013-12-08
Love really pisses God off apparently.

pyslexic dharmacist - 2013-12-07
So....what was this woman doing in hell, exactly? I feel like the most important part of this was left out.
That guy - 2013-12-13
She was trying to win them back over.

eatenmyeyes - 2013-12-07
Mary K. Baxter tag would be useful.
gravelstudios - 2013-12-08
I added it, but it's not showing up. Is there a limit to the number of tags you can have?

ashtar. - 2013-12-08

misterbuns - 2013-12-08
Delicious comments.
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-12-09
But how did she know they were homosexuals if they were just skeletons?

Also, I hate how that one passage from Romans is interpreted. This whole video is perplexing to me.
Syd Midnight - 2013-12-09
My brain did that thing from that Achewood strip where "Homosexuals" is the name of a mischievous little monkey
Caminante Nocturno - 2015-06-25
I saw a homosexual with a Chinese menu in his hand.
Waugh - 2015-06-25
his hair was perfect

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