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Desc:The Science of... Staring at the Sun
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:new age, what is this i dont even, sungazing, maharishi university, wtf humanity
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Comment count is 4
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-12-10
So do they not actually stare at the sun and just encourage others to burn out their eyes, or are they just denying the damage they're doing to their own eyesight is real?
B. Weed - 2013-12-10
I'd say add a "Father Brown" tag but I don't know who all would get it.
Riskbreaker - 2013-12-10
PRAISE THE SUN! \( ª_ª)/
kamlem - 2013-12-11
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maharishi_University_of_Management#Re search

"MUM has received both criticism and acclaim. Author Samuel Schuman reports that while many in the higher education community did not take the university seriously when it began in 1974, the college has "persisted cheerfully" for more than three decades and its achievements and results are "incontestably impressive".[29] Some members of the local community were initially against the university with 540 residents signing a petition protesting the local school board for allowing four MIU students to visit the public schools as observers.[14] However, author William Jefferson reports that by 1976, 200 local people had "taken up Transcendental Meditation themselves" and compared to the "wild and woolly" students of the prior college, "nearly all the residents now agree that they [MIU students] are nice people to have around".[12]

A 1976 article in the New York Times described the campus as a "cheerful, optimistic place where people smile a lot and tend to be considerate and trusting".[14] In 1992 the New York Times reported that the university was a place where all students and faculty meditate, and all the Maharishi's teachings are woven into mathematics, physics and every other subject, similar to colleges with strong religious affiliations, while noting it is "an accredited university with grant-winning faculty members and competitive students who mix transcendental meditation" and through "serious academics studies" hope to create "their own new world". The article goes on to say that even as the university gains research grants and subsequent credibility, it also faces controversy. For example, one critic, 1979 alumnus Curtis Mailloux, called the campus a "coercive environment" with a "propensity for fraudulent research".[24] Accreditation officials say they are aware of these accusations and "have been aggressive in checking Marahishi [sic] International's academic freedom". The deputy director of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS), Steven D. Crow, says "Every move the university's made has been monitored" and MIU's library, faculty, academic mission and classroom space have been deemed appropriate.[24] At the same time John W. Patterson, a professor at Iowa State University has harshly criticized The North Central Association's evaluation, saying it "does nothing more than to lend credibility to these crackpots".[24] The article also reports that many non-students have moved to the city of Fairfield "so they can meditate in the [campus meditation] domes".[24]

In 1986, seven "former devotees" filed a fraud suit against the Maharishi saying they paid thousands of dollars for lessons at Maharishi International University that were designed to reduce stress, improve memory, reverse aging, and develop clairvoyance and levitation. One plaintiff said that after ten years he had not acquired any of the special abilities that were promised.[155][dead link] According to reviews of the 1992 book, Heaven on Earth – Dispatches from America’s Spiritual Frontier,[156] author and reporter Michael D'Antonio wrote that the MIU physics department was teaching theories that he believed were "dead wrong"[157] and alleged that the university had taken Transcendental Meditation "into a grandiose narcissistic dream, a form of intellectual bondage, that they call enlightenment".[158]"
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