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ashtar. - 2013-12-09

Those things have all kinds of diseases and parasites.
The mole should get himself tested.

baleen - 2013-12-09

Everybody here is awful. Even the vegans, but that goes without saying.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2013-12-09

The red hairy thing with googly eyes from the Muppets, of course.

infinite zest - 2013-12-09

Fuck these guys. You're at a bar and can't find at least one bucket that's not full of cigarette butts?

A similar thing happened to me a couple of months ago; I was at a bar on a date and something brushed up against my leg (I actually thought/hoped it was the girl's boot for a second) but it was a Ferret. Just wandered right into the bar and to our table. At this point we're semi-drunk, but we picked it up, held it, asked for a milk crate which of course the ferret got out of. My date was kind of ruined because I had to bike home to grab my guinea pig's old carrying case, which the ferret also got out of upon my return. So I turned out taking it home with me, put an ad up on Craigslist and found the owner the next day. In our case we knew it was a pet because it had a collar, but stray/feral etc. their behavior is unacceptable.

Five stars for the vole biting the guy.

infinite zest - 2013-12-09

Also, crusties who have iphones.

blue vein steel - 2013-12-09

My favorite is seeing a crust punk use an ATM

infinite zest - 2013-12-09

A bunch of them showed up at Occupy Portland (probably Occupy wherever) but they got all pissed when the surrounding bars and restaurants temporarily closed, especially the 24-hour Subway.

infinite zest - 2013-12-09

Always forgetting to hit the "reply" button.. For the record I'm not against anyone for the way they dress or the way they choose to live their life. A trainhopper lived in my house for a bit and by every definition of the word crustie, he was one. He showered about twice a year, had two dogs, wore the same Crass hoodie every day, busked, and was also one of the kindest, gentlest people I've ever met. These guys don't suck because they're crust punks, they suck because they truly suck.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-12-09

These people are ridiculous.

misterbuns - 2013-12-10

Ah the oogle. Behold the lowest strata of the american ideology of individualism. Even the homeless here must castigate someone to feel like an individual.

what was it zizek said about eating out of a trash can?

candyheadrobot - 2013-12-10

I'm probably not the right one to answer the question, as I only watch him, never have read, but are you talking about the Pervert's Guide to Ideology introduction featuring They Live?

I am eating from the trash can all the time. The name of the trash can is ideology. The material force of ideology makes me not see what I am effectively eating. Itís not only our reality which enslaves us. The tragedy of our predicament when we are within ideology is that when we think that we escape it into our dreams, at that point we are within ideology.

I still think ideology is useful to unite people, but it's been utilized for exactly the opposite quite some time now. Nothing to do but forgive the poor bastards, they clearly don't have an understanding of their situation, otherwise we wouldn't have even seen this.

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