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Desc:Submitted mainly for 0.55... охуеть!
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Car Crash, russia, , car crash compilation
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Comment count is 17
A nation of narcoleptics with hilarious musical tastes.
The Mothership
the soundtrack is the best part.

3:07- The DeLoreon hits too early before the lightning bolt, which wouldn't come until 3:32.
Biker at 13:25 and the wonderful sounds he makes
Jet Bin Fever
as he gets multiple fractures and a concussion?

I liked seeing drivers not involved pull over to offer help.

7:33...ok I'm out
seriously people 7:33

are there no signs or lights or friction
Jet Bin Fever
There were a lot of clear fatalities in this. But, I think it still belongs up here anyway. Some of them were really difficult to watch!
I have to admit - I submitted this having not watched all the way to the end, and there are a few crashes that probably would've made me think twice about it. I'm thinking in particular of the crash with the camera facing inwards to the screaming family.


Notice how the camera cuts to static at the moment of impact.


That camera kept recording and someone decided not to show us what it recorded after the impact.


No but seriously, 5 stars for inflaming and incensing me towards idiot drivers even more.

8:03 can't have ended well

Jet Bin Fever
I have a lot of respect for you one-starring yourself. That took Balls.

I'll have to find some cute cat videos to redress the karmic balance.

In the meantime, the lessons here kids are: don't drive erratically on snow. Check your mirrors. Don't drive in Russia.
The very basic mistakes in being a safe driver plus the speeding idiots push my boiling hot road rage from manageable all the way to four-wheeled incredible hulk mode.
Ah, the old stuttering green light at 5:32
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