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Desc:JHM repsises the role that led to the best meltdown EVER!
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:google, Santa Claus, green screen, Google Plus
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 20
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
That sucked!

if youre going to go through whatever the hell it takes for you to acquire video/sound editing software you could have at least made it a worthwhile trolling. and where are my dick pics? i think the photos ive provided of myself in previous submissions prove that i'm better looking than that boxcar whore katie youre so obsessed with and i'm feeling pretty scorned. is your wife the cat?
Oscar Wildcat
Well John showed us his pussy, why don't you show us yours?

if i had a goddamn digital camera, i dont even have a phone :(

yeah let's get some dick pics jhm.

I can show them to catie for something to have a laugh at. after we have sex.


To exhibits enter, one exhibit leaves!

Hey orcs, you're still on the streets, right? I was wondering, how do you get on the internet? At first I was thinking you were one of those technomads, but you don't even have a phone.

Is this one of those public library situations?

John Holmes Motherfucker
>>if youre going to go through whatever the hell it takes for you to acquire video/sound editing software ...

It's called "downloading".

John Holmes Motherfucker
@Bootymarch: After you have sex with Catie, you can show her my dick pix, because she may be curious about what a penis looks like.

homer one of the kids im traveling with acquired a kindle fire, so we use it wherever there is wifi, the thing is fucking WONDERFUL we have a bunch of movies and like 300 books on it. i just got done reading some early george rr martin short stories and god that guy is a twisted fuck

JHMF is autofive.
Hear hear.

I'm not sure, but I feel like these shenanigans picked up not long after JHM publicly declared he was giving up porn.
John Holmes Motherfucker
You wanna see an autofive? HERE's an autofive, just to piss you off.

I never said I was giving up porn. I said I was deleting all of my porn for Valentine's day. If you go back and look, you may even see where I said I'll probably do it again next year.

Regarding Google Plus, I figured out how to diable my account and still upload, so I guess it's not as bad as I'd thought.

Merry Christmas, you horrible horrible people!

John Holmes Motherfucker
The bad news is that I can't act.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm not giving you stars unless you take off your shirt, like a true Youtube star.

Adham Nu'man
Deleting porn on Saint Valentine's day, such a romantic gesture.

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