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Desc:Ratboy Genius eat your heart out
Category:Trailers, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:cat, Gremlins, computer animation, rainbows, 80s movie voice
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Comment count is 9
dementomstie - 2013-12-10
So, is this what happened to the first draft of "Foodfight!"?
misterbuns - 2013-12-11
What happens when you comp your renders in after effects.

pirate nuke, nugga.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-12-11
Apparently Academy Awards don't necessarily mean you can afford to pay your rent, amirite Melissa Leo?
gravelstudios - 2013-12-11
If I had won an oscar at some point in my life, and ended up reduced to doing this kind of work, I'd ask them to please not mention it in the trailer. It just seems depressing.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-12-11
I'd like to think this animation studio exists to serve as a place of exile for animators from Pixar who've transgressed their Disney masters' wishes.
jreid - 2013-12-11
From IMDB:

Budget: ,000,000 (estimated)
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2013-12-12
That's a lot of blow.

Kid Fenris - 2013-12-11
Fraggle Schlock.
misterbuns - 2013-12-11
also: fuckin depth of field, how does that work?
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