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Desc:Fish dying in the dumbest ways.
Category:Crime, Stunts
Tags:fishing, cold steel, Trident, Primitive Hunting
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Comment count is 10
Oscar Wildcat
Fishin' with Aspergers.
Mister Yuck
I'm glad someone is taking the Asian Carp problem seriously.
I'd make the Aliens joke, but a nuke from orbit probably wouldn't be enough.

5 stars for the "punching" sound effect when the boomerang hits.

Sanest Man Alive
Exactly how the fuck do you plan to haul that thing in after you whack it in a drive-by boomeranging, Sailor Goon?

These idiots make dynamite fishing look restrained and sensible.
These fish are the fire ants of water, nothing is cruel -enough-

Fish. They cain't think, they cain't feel, they cain't contemplate their own mortality. I say exverminate every last one of the bastards and never look back! And these here ones are an invasive species! They's just a bunch of wet-back freeloadin' foreigners and it's up to us freedom-lovin' arms-bearers to stand up for what's w...right!!!!

Oscar Wildcat
He's not even throwing the fucking boomerang, just clubbing the fish with it. Why not use lawn furniture? Or a grandfather clock?

Sadly, these guys taste pretty bad, or there'd be bastards out there with fishing nets strung across the bow.

Jet Bin Fever
Candidate for worst use of GoPro that I've seen.
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