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Desc:Everyone in Canada knows someone who talks like this.
Category:Humor, None
Tags:canada, rip, plaid, dart, bud
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Stars for the midi guitar with a capo.
Everyone in Canada ... talks like this.
Oscar Wildcat
I rock a Stihl, bi-atch! and you?

I cut my weight in firewood regularly. It's a good way to get ready fer going out fer a rip.

My dad would say "Yer bloody rights!" at least three times a day
Jimmy Labatt
Fuckin' rights he did, bud!

It's grim up north.
This is going to be stuck in my head fererver.
pyslexic dharmacist
Yeah, I definitely should have stopped this before it got stuck in my head.
Jimmy Labatt
To be fair, the ridiculous accents and slang in this video are pretty much exclusive to Northern Ontario. However, we have ridiculous accents and slang in every other province and territory, so fuck it let's go for a rip.
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