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Desc:I definitely feel like I can be myself at the Agency
Category:Science & Technology, Crime
Tags:NSA, Dubstep, despicable hair
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Comment count is 16
Oscar Wildcat
Jesus fuck! Hair boy is prolly responsible for the sexual peccadillo database that keeps the congress and senate from doing anything to limit these assholes.

Needs a "banality of evil" tag if such exists. Great find.
I bet his cutie mark is a hoof stamping on an alicorn face forever.

Sorry NSA, I could not work with that guy because I can't now and never could take anything he says seriously.

Working with/for attention whores is awful.

When two portals of evil collide, it can only be ♥!

Damn, you guys have no bandwidth whatsoever.
Bonus : Spot the Brony!
That guy
I checked the address a few times and I'm still not sure it's real.
NSA: Totally Hip!
Whatever. I would love to work for the NSA.

Looks like it's your lucky day! They're hiring!

So smart, they're scary. Ha. ha. Ha.



... but I really like working here.
Oscar Wildcat
The beatings will continue until morale improves.


"(confident dubstep music wraps up)"
Oscar Wildcat
I know, I know. It made me think of that scene from They Live, with all the advertising containing captions to tell you what you should feel and think when you wear the glasses.

The people who run the NSA are completely and irrevocably insane.

Madness. Pure Madness.

The Guy Fawkes like face in the background deserves an extra 5 stars, even if it's all in my imagination.
Douchebag's hair is five stars of evil.
WHOOOOAAAAA. this is awesome. and yeah man, where's the banality of evil tag hmm?
Jet Bin Fever
Extremely dumb intelligent people.
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