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Desc:Technically NSFW.
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:tentacles, Space, pseudo-hentai
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 15
Space Girl vs Tentacles is NSFW? You surprise me.

The subtext here of course is that Space Girl is scared of lesbians.
Thank you.
so many reasons to one star

faux nerd chic

artless clickbait

editorially aimless

no punchline

someone actually spent money making this
I am 5 starring this because I understand the point of this website.

Faux nerd chic? Buxom girls and tentacles is not only nerd chic, it's nerd haute couture.

Also, this is not clickbait. Clickbait is a video that tries to get you to click by promising something tantalizing that it has no intention of delivering. An example would be a WHACKY BRANDED INTERNET PERSONALITY who uses a picture of some girl's ample cleavage for a preload thumbnail, despite his boring-ass video being 99% cleavage free.

This video delivers exactly what was promised.

Yeah, this is one of those fine line moments for me.

not everything terrible is interesting. some terrible things are boring.

faux nerd-anything is click bait.

btw totes faux nerd. let's make this thread more terrible.

In what way is this "faux nerd"? Show your work and defend your research, poindexter.

omigawd im lak SO nerdy i even plah VIDYA GAMES an errything i no is lak NOT cool to be so NERDY but lak i dont CARE cuz LOL

ps subscribe and like xoxoxo

You're no fun.

Ya sound WAY stressed. I dance eery friday at the Busted Dumpling. Ya shuld COME.

also girl you look a drag queen
3 stars for the spraypainted Nerf Maverick.
The Mothership
what, no vore tag?
After the failure of his novel, Tentacle was forced to get work in porn.
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