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Desc:Creepy undertones ahoy. Story starts at 1:07
Tags:Japan, Venus Angelic, lolita fashion
Submitted:Lady Frenzy
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Resubmit:Lady Frenzy

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Lady Frenzy
The video is being re-uploaded onto vimeo. Should be up soon.

This is really creepy... How did you find out about this? Welcome to poetv. Are you affiliated with this in some way?

Lady Frenzy
I'm into Japanese fashion (though I don't dress in this style) and Venus Angelic is a Youtube celebrity. The "Mr. Yan" in this video is notorious for being a creeper and using his company's model contest to find himself a young bride.

(Thanks for the welcome, but I've been a lurker for years.)
Lady Frenzy
Note: The video used to have cheerful J-pop dance BGM; whoever re-uploaded it swapped it with this track. I'm not sure which one I prefer more. I kinda liked the contrast between the disturbing words and the innocent music in the original.

Cool, I guess that means the new user registration is working. I sometimes think this place is dying. A few users had problems getting accounts set up, which is just sad.

And I had no idea who this is because japanese doll girl whatever freaks me the fuck out and I don't have a J-girl fetish nor do I really like anime and manga, so this shit still weirds me out. I watched two of her videos. That was enough for me.

Macho Nacho
I'm not particularly fond of venus angelic but kudos for her to make this video even if it's super passive aggressive.
Oscar Wildcat
Frankly, I stopped watching the original after about a minute because the stank of viral marketing overwhelmed me. I could be wrong here, but come on... seriously?

Lady Frenzy
The dress company just put out an official statement about this video, claiming her and her mother are liars and that they made the video out of spite because she didn't get hired as a model.


I suffered through this and tried desperately to find the evil. I couldn't. This girl didn't suffer anything worse than most "legit" industry models have to endure in their careers. It comes with the job.

Welcome to Poetv, you've earned your first one star.
Sudan no1
Lies! Not everything posted here has to be "evil," nor do you have to agree with all of the views presented in the video in order to give it a high rating. Videos simply have to be interesting, and I found this video interesting. 5 stars.

I like how the "where's the evil?!" kids always assume everyone ELSE is a newbie.

17 mins to say nothing. The video was bad in my opinion, am I not allowed that? You are more than allowed to disagree with it. She singed a contract at 15 with no legal supervision and then got to go to Japan and do some "modeling" work. Complained she didn't get to spend more time at Disneyland and had to do her own make-up. LOTS of models do their own make-up and dress themsevles for work before shoots. They don't even get to go to Disneyland during their work stay. My one star stands.

Cat fight!
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