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Category:Classic TV Clips, Stunts
Tags:ninjas, swords, white people, richard harrison, CDTcrew
Submitted:wtf japan
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Comment count is 23
Dynamicuno - 2013-12-22
Was that guy at the end the ninjer master?
Scrimmjob - 2013-12-22
That guy looks like Richard Harrison.

Sudan no1 - 2013-12-23
Wait, are you talking about that guy or this guy?

That guy - 2013-12-23
I was only an extra, but I got to see how they did that shit.

Blew my mind.

Herr Matthias - 2013-12-22
a modern day warrior, mean mean stride...
The Mothership - 2013-12-22

memedumpster - 2013-12-22

Also, who can it be now!?

Old_Zircon - 2013-12-22
Misspelled the "ninjers" tag.
fedex - 2013-12-22
Oh Godfrey Ho, don't you ever go changing
Scrimmjob - 2013-12-22
Is the music at 0:45 Gong?
Billy the Poet - 2013-12-22
Trivia: "This Guy" was Sergio Leone's first choice to play Joe in "A Fistful of Dollars." He didn't want to spend the time shooting in Europe, so he suggested Clint Eastwood.
jreid - 2013-12-22
This is how it's done, Mr. Tarantino.
StanleyPain - 2013-12-22
Hah, isn't like an evil ninja to bring a yari to a shruiken fight.
StanleyPain - 2013-12-22
isn't that

Potrod - 2013-12-22
Riskbreaker - 2013-12-23
*clears throat*

You are missing the following tags sir:

gordon the ninja

and the most important of all, one of the patron saints of poetv:

godfrey ho
Riskbreaker - 2013-12-23
a richard harrison tag too

Xenagama Warrior Princess - 2013-12-23
I don't know where this came from, but that was the most amazing thing I have seen in my life.
fedex - 2013-12-23
I guess you aren't familiar with the super-secret "ninja proctologist" style

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-12-23
Stupid ninjer bullshit!
exy - 2013-12-23
I found their headbands extremely helpful in understanding the action.
Herr Matthias - 2013-12-25
So I had to look it up, but this movie is apparently "Ninja Hunt". The guy at the beginning is Stuart Smith.
Old People - 2014-11-23
For the look at 0:40. Man gives you that look, he ain't afraid of you, ninjer.
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