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Desc:some great scenes from this forgotten classic Santa Claus Origin story
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:metal, Doom, Sabbath, Santa Claus, pagan
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Comment count is 9
ashtar. - 2013-12-24
Windhand! I saw them live, amazing vocalist.

This is like a Tool video, but not dumb. Amazingly perfect for doom metal.
zurf - 2013-12-24
Saw this movie for the first time the other night, its pagan as fuck
Old_Zircon - 2013-12-24
As is Christmas.

Oscar Wildcat - 2013-12-24
Look, Santa did a lot of coke in the '70's. Hung around with a bad crowd, bikers and faggots and drifters. So what if he fingered that underage Elf? It was crazy times, man. Crazy times.
CrimsonHyperSloth - 2013-12-25
Thank you! I must find this movie now!
Oscar Wildcat - 2013-12-25
Here's the intro:


Now it's clearer why the doom metal works; the original score is even more angsty.

Zurf, you're a fuckin' marvel. Swing on by for some arniston mac apple pie. From perhaps the only arniston mac tree left on the planet at this point. Fragments of the Golden Age still remaining...

zurf - 2013-12-25
Can't recommend this movie enough. I'd go as far as to say that it's a more satisfying Tolkeinesque experience than whatever crap Peter Jackson is slapping together these days.

Racketeer - 2013-12-25
This is based on an L. Frank Baum book, of course it'd be full of wildly imaginative imagery that lends itself well to animation.
eatenmyeyes - 2013-12-26
I was just thinking about this the other day but couldn't remember the title.
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