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Desc:1933 Lecture
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:chemistry, electromagnetism, Humphry Davy, Michael Faraday, Sir William Bragg
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Comment count is 8
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Oscar Wildcat
The money shot is at 5:00.

Question: If Faraday showed you this pile of junk on his desk, would you recognize one of the foundational elements of modern electronics? That is what the Future actually looked like. Then as it still does today.
So... what you're saying is I should start a kickstarter to raise money to make a puppet show of this video, and that's how technology works. Let me smoke a quarter bag, snort these crushed pills, listen to some Black Keys, and consider the nature of the universe while touching myself to indie game themed rape porn...

My god, it's all so simple! Puppets! I NEED MONEY, LIKE NOW OR YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!

Architeuthis Tux
Fun fact!

Sir Humphry Davy was a nitrous-huffing jerk whose bad behavior became more renown than his scientific discoveries (discoveries such as: alkaline earth metals, nitrous huffing, nitrous huffing to cure hangovers, Samuel Taylor Coleridge ALSO loved huffing nitrous, Michael Faraday could be used successfully as a valet, chlorine, and many others).

Meanwhile, Faraday seems to have been a really genuinely good person. His letters to his nieces and nephews are amazing.
Oscar Wildcat
It's hard to imagine a more amusing group of people to get high with. Whippets with SCT, James Watt, Humphry Davies and Michael Faraday!

Architeuthis Tux
Faraday didn't get in on the fun so much.

You are thinking far, far too small with Whippets though. Behold, the majesty:


Oscar Wildcat
"Faraday my good man: please admit to the respiration chamber another 10 quarts of freshly prepared N2O. I seem to be leaving my body!" Peals of laughter ringing though the Royal Society Halls, whilst Faraday empties the pigs bladder and records temperature and pressure in a carefully ruled notebook.

Architeuthis Tux
He later got paranoid that Faraday was trying to steal his awesome sciencey secrets and tried to prevent him from being accepted to the Royal Society... But by that point, I assume Davy's brain resembled a Menger sponge.

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