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Desc:Stare at this video and you can bring your Adventure Time slash fanfic character to life.
Tags:loneliness, mysticism, tulpa, thoughtform, myopia
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 12
Fiona does exist, Poetv...in your imagination zone.

Sadly this video is worthless as the silhouette looks nothing like Pinkie Pie.
But stars for being creepy as hell on its face.

Why... would I just let some hallucination just run rampant? Why not force it to be exactly as I want to be? If I'm going to trip balls about an imaginary person, I'll be damned it if doesn't have big floppy tits and give me ghost blowjobs.
Sudan no1
I voted this out of the hopper for the angry bronies in the comments upset that it doesn't work for creating imaginary pony fuckbuddies.
I'm sure only a small percentage of bronies (maybe .00001%) would want a pony tulpa for those lewd means.

I keep my pony tulpa around for conversation and for tax purposes.

The first place I heard of the idea of a "tulpa" was as a theory as to how the Slenderman could exist. The idea that Slendy would dupe Bronies into summoning more of its kind via the internet pleases me somehow.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Why bring adventure time into this?
Because an episode where Ice King makes a tulpa is an inevitability.

I'm imagining some nerd trying this and finding themselves in a horror story situation, an Amicus Production anthology movie perhaps, or something in the vein of a modern day take on M. R. James or Herbert Russel Wakefield
Crap, all I got was a crossover episode of "Third Rock from the Sun" / "The Big Bang Theory", in which Sheldon instantly realizes the Solomons are aliens and wants to join them.
25:18 all the way, baby.
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