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Category:Sports, Classic TV Clips
Tags:80s, aerobics, spandex, fabulous, crystal light
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John Holmes Motherfucker
Almost too awesome to make fun of.
infinite zest
I've got a crush on the second contestant and I don't care that she's 26 years older than when this was shit

I wouldn't mind dressing her up like Applejack and stroking her hair.

The second contestant was my fav part too, not because of the lady, but because of the delicious irony of a crowd of aerobics fans that starts clapping along with the song, then slowly gives up when they realize the tempo is so fast. Too much effort!

I truly wish this was still a thing. I could watch these all day.
We need to revive them! For america!

Only if it's combined with Duck Dynasty

John Holmes Motherfucker
I guess it is still a thing, but how did it not catch on more than it did? The 80s and 90s come up in searches before more recent stuff like this from 2013.


Thank you, thank you. Just, a million thank you's for this.

Is there any way I can watch a 5 hour marathon of programming from this year? This seems like it was the best possible year for television to exist.
I'm pretty sure there are full videos of most of these Crystal Light events. Everything I've seen from them is amazing.

I am about to watch this but I don't even gotta before I know what it deserves. What better way to ring in 2014 but to remind ourselves of the majesty of 1987?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Sadly a lot of the men in this competition passed away from AIDS.
The saddest part is that Alan Thicke didn't.

His son might get it if he keeps hanging out with Miley Cirus.

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