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Desc:A controversial horse is born
Category:Classic TV Clips, Video Games
Tags:horse racing, GameCenter CX, Arino, money equals power
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I guess dailymotion links don't work? I thought they did at one point
in any case, here's a direct link to the dailymotion video:

Yeah yeah, horse breeding, harharhar.

Poor Watanabe. Always with the fat jokes. Is she really considered "fat" by Japanese standards?
Oh yeah, she is morbidly obese by japanese standards.

Kate Moss is morbidly obese by Japanese standards. I mean, everywhere considers what we call "a little chunky" as obese, but Japan/Korea/China are particularly judgmental about weight.

Mind you, not all of Asia, though. My time in Thailand, while the young stayed thin, the older folks were almost all pretty big. I imaging the same in some of it's neighboring countries due to similar cultures and diets.

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