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Desc:... is rather musical.
Tags:music, mechanic
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Oscar Wildcat
Hell yes! That's what this site is all about. Turbine Death Rattle.
Terrific name for a New Age industrial band.

That piece of junk cost more than you will make in a year.
well considering I'm unemployed, that's not saying much.

Syd Midnight
Turbines are the most metal of devices, a symphony of extreme physics operating on the micrometer edge of catastrophic failure. Anything with the word "turbo" in it does not go gently into that good night.
there's a turbo button on a lot of 90s computers, it did...something.

And yet they sound like fruity high school band xylophones.

I remember them failing on a lot of cars in the 90's.

I'm not gonna go full 'Sperg here but basically I worked at a plating company, saw a lot of turbine parts for example that go in an airplane engine, and it's no wonder a pigeon can take out an airplane. Someone I worked with pointed out the planes landing nearby make a squealing noise when it's rainy/humid because the fans are about 0.0002 of an inch away from complete explosion and water fucks with it a bit.

Fuck, I went full sperg anyway.

I didn't realize POE had so many turbine mechanics fans...
It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, it's a beautiful day for a turbine, wont you be my... oh wont you be my...
Imagine the hell that would be caused by that screw if the engine was running at cruse speed!!! Lots of bangs for sure but would likely get you home.

Whoa. Although I was kind of hoping the thing would be running while he dropped stuff in it.
pyslexic dharmacist
Ehhh....minus 1, I assumed the turbine would be running, too.
Jet Bin Fever
Crank that shit up!!
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