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Desc:Far from being Asimov, they get close-ish.
Category:Science & Technology, Fashion
Tags:fashion, science fiction, cyberpunk, discovery channel, THE FUTURE!
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Comment count is 7
God, I feel old now.
You can tell CDROMs were the hot new thing.
Apple certainly paved the way for computers to be fashionable just much different from this.

One thing I wonder about is why we still fax anything. However, it's interesting that 640 megabytes on a spinning CD was considered the forefront of technology when we now have solid state media that can contain 100 times that in something no bigger than your thumbnail.

My God did I love this show as a kid.
That guy
heavy on the 'ish'
they got a lot closer to the borg
Jet Bin Fever
Just as dumb as I knew it would be, but with a lot more black turtlenecks and Asians.
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