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Desc:Finn is offended by nudity, Jake is nonplussed.
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:Deviantart, adventure time, artistic nudes, adventure time fans, moral guardians of the art world
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The Mothership
oh man. great find.
I want this person to read Henry's monologue from Goodfellas.
DeviantArt seems to bring out the worst in many people. With some internet art communities, I sorta get the shittiness. Like ConceptArtDotOrg - most of the people there are overworked professionals from very high pressure backgrounds, who have solid skills and a lot of time invested in their craft, yet still stand little or no chance of making a significant living off their art. A bit of shittiness is inevitable in a situation like that.

But dA? dA is like a great big fridge door; it's there for anyone to do whatever. You'd think people would chill out in an atmosphere like that, but no! It seems like every other person there is too cool for the website, and will happily tell you why everybody there (except for them!) is a stupid idiot who sucks balls.

Not me, though. I'm too cool to be too cool for the website.
Yeah, plus it has great wank material if you have weird fetishes (or not!).

No but it's a great multi-purpose site, and there are a lot of amazing artists who continually keep me inspired. ConceptArtDotOrg's atmosphere and roster just makes me feel inadequate.

That is uncannily good preteen boy cosplay.
I think this lady(?) is missing the point of DA. Also it's hard to take someones rant seriously, when they are dressed in such a retarded way.
Sudan no1
I deeply disagree with her central premise, Deviantart has always been 90% shitty scribbles and selfies.
You forgot Original Characters for cartoons and anime.

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