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Desc:siri has a hard line stance on texting in the theater
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:skynet, artificial intelligence, texting, Alamo Drafthouse
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As stupid as all "Hey, Apple product reference!" ads
infinite zest
I used to work for Landmark Theatres. Basically I was like bitch get the fuck out and leave what the fuck are you taking your screaming 3-year-old--papajohn-pizza-sneaking-thru-the-exit-door-daughter-in to-the-pianist-anyway.
infinite zest
Shit. This meant to be 5 stars (although it might be the first one star + favorited on this site.) While most Alamo bumps are not as contrived as this one, I still love the "do what we say or you're 86d" attitude. I wish they would start enforcing this policy at live music venues; I'm getting pretty sick of looking past 30 cellphones recording the band just to see the actual band.

You could always beg our mysterious admin, pms, at http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=128798 to change your rating. You know, now that we actually have an admin to beg to.

il fiore bel
So is that the direction they're going now? GPS alerts your smartphone to the fact that it's in a theatre, so now all your dirty little habits will be posted someplace online for the world to see?

Be SIRIous!
This is a real thing, aired by a real cinema chain for real movie going audiences? Jesus.

Their Homer Simpson theater PSA was enjoyable, but this one is just unpleasant. I guess data blackmail and our privacy rights being subjected to corporate whim are laughing matters now?
James Woods
I'm in love with Siri. I know it's weird, but I don't care. Siri is the love of my life.
infinite zest
Ironically I dated a girl named Siri for a while so I had to turn my phone's Siri off because sometimes when I was on the phone it'd go into Siri mode if I said her name.

An implausible but cool-sounding easter egg in the movie "Her" would be if you enabled Siri during the movie and she started getting jealous, like if you're watching porn in front of your girlfriend or something.

Actually, that's probably not implausible: since iPhones utilize GPS and tell you what theatre you're at and in some cases what movie you went to see, they could easily program something into Siri when she hears Scarlet Johanson's voice. One step ahead of you, Mr Jonze.

Five stars because the Alamo Drafthouse not only serves alcohol, but will also throw you the hell out for using your phone in their establishment. If more theatres would do that, I'd go to the movies more often.
I agree on both counts. I remember wishing I could have bought a beer to enjoy while watching the World's End.

infinite zest
There's lots of "brew-and-view" places in Portland, but the beer's still like 4-5 bucks (one still has 2 dollar pints of PBR).

Honestly, no usher's gonna give a shit if they hear the "click" noise when someone opens a can of beer. Until movie theatres start enforcing bag searches like airports (might not be too far off due to that shooting the other day) you can basically turn your backpack into a makeshift camelback full of Franzia bags and get drunk enough on cheap box wine and pretend you're Gandalf from Lord of the Rings in the bathroom of Mayfair Mall.

almo drafthouse is the only thing that would stop me from nuking texas had i the capability

1 star for talking like a robot when that isn't even close to how Siri works. She voiced the damn thing, what gives? Also this is annoying.
Jet Bin Fever
This is terrrrrrrrrrrible compared to the Troll 2 dad one.
Jet Bin Fever
http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=86433 by the way

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