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Desc:Download link is in the description.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Disney, Gore, edgy, indie games, horrible video game infinity
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Well, everything seems to check out here.
Jet Bin Fever
If some kid handed this to me on a floppy back in 1992 I would've sadly played it for much longer than it deserves.
Five stars only for the 16-bit midi version of Giorgio Moroder's MIDNIGHT EXPRESS "Chase" theme (also used as the Coast to Coast AM theme).
Shit. You beat me to the comment.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS has the most awesomely 1980s music score ever, so awesomely 1980s that it doesn't even matter that the movie came out in 1978, it was 1980s two years before all other movie scores began being 1980s.

infinite zest
I was bummed because I downloaded the game just for the music, but my Linux Windows emulator won't play the music. All I get is the horrible death screen

infinite zest
er.. death "scream". The game plays fine other than that, whatever that's worth.

Maybe you need to download a MIDI plugin or something?

infinite zest
This almost makes up for the Westworld game for C64. Almost.

infinite_zest: Wine Is Not an Emulator.

try pulling up 'winetricks' from your terminal or application finder (alt+f2 I think), you might have to go through 'select current installation', then 'install windows components' look through the list for anything that mentions audio and seems pertinent.

Jesus Christ. Stars for the death animation on Tard Buzz Lightyear.
Well it looks more fun than actually going to Disneyland.
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