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Desc:What is says on the ancient Greek equivalent of a tin.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:nerds, Hercules, Skeleton
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 21
Exactly as it is painted on the amphora.
Spaceman Africa
Just as whats inscribed on the stannum

I'm guessing they wanted to utilize some raise undead spell to let the skeleton fight with him but well, you know, TV budget.
Zeus bless ya, Herc
This guy is a conservative icon and it makes the whole thing funnier to me.
Sorbo or the skeleton?

Certainly not the brown guys in funny hats.

Sorbo. Exorbitantly so! (ha!)

-1 star for not being Xena: Warrior Princess, the superior version of Hercules in every way.
Caminante Nocturno
Your statement about Xena is factually correct.

Bullshit. The correct ranking, from best to worst versions, is: Jack of All Trades, Hercules, Xena.

Born in the RSR
Where does Cleopatra 2525 rank in this scheme?

It's below Xena, only really notable for airing next to Jack of all Trades.

Cleo lacked both the originality of Hercules and the high-brow academic relevance of Xena. It only aired for like a season, though, so I'm willing to concede that, given time, it may have been able to come into it's own alongside it's three more accomplished siblings.

You're all forgetting Sinbad.

Let's remember the good shows out of that block, and forget The Lost World, Earth: Final Conflict, and Mutant-X ever existed.

Unnecessary somersault!
Forward-tumble into a relaxed, leaned back, standing position!

You can tell he is the son of a god since he wasn't terrified by the skeleton.
That's not how skeletons work.
More flashbacks to the 90s which was truly the era of first-run syndicated low-budget action series, broadcasted at sometimes odd hours of the day by your local network affliates; there were some that aired before Hercules/Xena but things really took off after those became popular.
I like the work Sam Raimi did between Darkman and Spiderman.

It took me almost 2 decades to appreciate it, but i got to say, i like these shows now.
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