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Desc:He has hundreds of videos of nothing but this.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Balloon, horror, laughter
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Comment count is 14
SFW Fetish tag.

Also my cat hates it.
Seconded on SFW Fetish tag.

Any thoughts on what the gas is?
Atomized clown jizz.

You just know this guy has a boner doing this.

Needs more carbon monoxide.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
He probably kidnapped 12 different clowns and restrained them in his basement, farming them of their farts and filling up a tank so he can film this video.

This was way, way creepier than any horror movie I've seen in years.
I can't get into it.
"Some of the balloons crackle while inflating
the fithe one is a red water bomb and crackle loudly before it goes off with a loud BANG.
My ears drums a bit sore after all the loud BANGS."
infinite zest
There was another (creepier) one of this guy's videos on here a while ago, and somehow I got sucked into watching like 30 or 40 on his youtube page trying to see the face of someone I could only picture as a combination of Michael Myers and the Joker.

Turns out he looks completely normal. Some of his videos feature really tall balloons exploding in the sky, which is mildly interesting, but mostly it's just hysterical laughter at any balloon being inflated. Let's chip in and get him a hot air balloon ride for the day and see what happens. Oh, that's mean. Send him a video of the Hindenberg disaster.
I thought this was familiar, but the other one was against a white background, if I'm remembering correctly.

Jet Bin Fever
This guy again! Man, what a kook.
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