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Desc:May have dipped into the old mary jane stash before interview
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:Stoned, Interview, school shootings, fetal alcohol syndrome
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Comment count is 10
"Shit, I told you that mine was empty. Let's hope the next one has a few more tears for us, hmm?"
Not the interview they need, but the interview they deserve.
brainless questions deserve brainless answers.

Oscar Wildcat
I'm not sure about the exact number, but around the point where we have a shooting every week is the point where I can see this as a reasonable reaction. Should he care any more than the adults? Or should he pretend to, as they do?
This is how every man-on-the-street interview should go.
Syd Midnight
He knows that in a few hours, tens of thousands of people, mostly fellow teenagers, will have seen and critiqued the coolness of his interview.
" 'cause he's not planning to kill me"

"fetal alcohol syndrome" tag
My words exactly.

You assholes, he's clearly got some Native American in hi....oh.

Carry on.

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