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Desc:Hipsters exist to make fun of themselves.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Beards, Psycho, hipsters, American Psycho, tattoos
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Hip to hip violence
Funny, but as I began to glean just what the film is an ad for, my balls started to hurt more and more.

Five for my balls hurting.
Everyone involved in this are goddamned terrible human beings. Five stars and the hatred of the howling self devouring universe until the wretched end of time.
I was going to vote this one star until I realized it was actually an advertisement.
I would bet 0 that nobody involved in this has read the book.
Today I was obsessed with the idea of faxing Sarahís blood I drained from her vagina over to her office in the mergers division at Chase Manhattan, and I didnít work out this morning because Iíd made a necklace from the bones of some girlís vertebrae and wanted to stay home and wear it around my neck while I masturbated in the white marble tub in my bathroom, grunting and moaning like some kind of animal. Then I watched a movie about five lesbians and ten vibrators. Favorite group: Talking Heads. Drink: J&B or Absolut on the rocks. TV show:Late Night with David Letterman. Soda: Diet Pepsi. Water: Evian. Sport: Baseball.

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